Saturday, April 23, 2005


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On Wednesday, April 20th, AFI had a screening of "Don't Need You" a documentary on the Riot Grrl movement (United States) by Kerri Koch. It was great to be able to view a moment that changed many grrls lives. Whether you were deeply involved with the movement or were a fan of the music and supported these women by going to shows and buying their albums, if you were aware of what the Riot Grrls stood changed your life. This film reminded me of how wonderful and idealist we girls were and still are. Being able to see and listen to those involved and supporting the Riot Grrls, like Kathleen Hanna, Mark Anderson, Ian MacKaye, Corin Tucker, and Sharon Cheslow, explain the movement and how it changed and affect their views and roles on women in society was important to me.
It was amazing and hopefully everyone will have the opportunity to view this film. It was also interesting to see how many people have archived photographs, concert footage and posters from the time. There was footage from the first Heavens to Betsy concert, which was also viewed as Corin Tucker's first live performance. She also used footage from Bikini Kill's first D.C. performance which changed how people viewed women and music.
Kerri Koch and Sharon Cheslow were also in attendance and took part in a short Q&A. Also, the Arclight hosted a reception where Mika Miko performed. And from what I hear, the food was pretty great too.

Also, some of you might be interested in Kerri Koch's new project, a documentary on Latino/a Morrissey fans.

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