Thursday, February 17, 2005

Godard's Masculine Feminine

Has anyone watched this movie?

I just watched it tonight at the Nuart. It was interesting. The sound was a little off at times
but it looked wonderful on the big screen. I think I may have lost some of the themes in the film...
Does that make sense? Maybe it was lost in the translation...But the ending was a bit strange, so it
returned to the first scene with "Paul" narrating. Then it there was an accident where he falls out
a window? If anyone has any thoughts on this film please let me know. This is my first time watching


Out Of The Past Screenings

Hi Everybody,

Steve Ricci, Director of the MIAS program at UCLA, has sent out
a tentative list for the restoration screenings. I have set up
a link on the AMIA website.

The student chapter, Melnitz Movies and the MIAS program are
sponsoring these screenings and it will be a great opportunity
to view some of films that have been restored.

If you want a list of the films please visit that AMIA Student
Chapter website and click on the link on the homepage.